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Firearms Transfers

We will be happy to help Pennsylvania residents transfer a firearm into their name, or into the name of the person to whom they are selling the firearm.  We can also help Pennsylvania residents receive the shipment of a firearm from other dealers in or out of state.  Please let us help you by filling out the contact information below as completely as possible, the better the information the easier the transfer, then, if necessary, we can contact you about the right way to make the transfer as smooth as possible.

* The transfer fee on a long gun or handgun is $20.00 plus the cost of the instant check and State Police Surcharge for a total of $30.00.

* The transfer fee on shipping a long gun or handgun is $20.00 plus the cost of packing the firearm and the UPS or FEDEX fees involved to ship the firearm.

PLEASE be considerate and complete the information request form so that I know to expect your firearm.  This makes it easier on me to account for the receipt of a gun and will get your gun to you sooner.  DO NOT just assume you can order something on my license and not tell me.


Information Request Form

Please complete ALL the items below.

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