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Here you'll find an overview of what we usually keep in stock or can get for you.  All prices are subject to change.  Please request a current price before ordering any firearm.  Prices do not include any state fees, S&H, or any applicable taxes.
Please note:
 ALL firearm sales (new or used) WILL adhere to all Local, State, & Federal Firearms Laws.  If you do not want to obey the law GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.


Handguns (click here for detailed list)

        RUGER (Stocking Dealer)             TAURUS (Stocking Dealer)


        Beretta - Browning - Charles Daly - Colt - EAA - Glock - Springfield

        Heritage Arms - North American Arms - Smith & Wesson - SIG Arms

        Bersa - KBI - H&K - Para-Ordnance - Rossi - American Derringer - Steyr

        Kel Tec - Magnum ResearchKahr Arms Thompson Contender - Plus Many Others.....       

Rifles and Shotguns (click here for detailed list)

RUGER (Stocking Dealer)                 HENRY (Stocking Dealer)

                            KEYSTONE ARMS (Stocking Dealer)

        BerettaBrowningCharles Daly EAAH&RMarlin - Rossi

        MossbergNew England Arms - RemingtonSavageSpringfield

        Winchester - Plus Many Others.....



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