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For a listing of accessories (scopes, mounts, & clips) that are available and in stock or to place an order complete the custom ordering form.
M1 Carbine - Russian 91/30 - Enfield - Mauser          E-mail me what you are looking for & I will see what I have.

Following is a list of specialty items that are also available. NOTE: Prices may change without notice.

Shotgun accessories for :

Mossberg series 500 & 600, Remington 870, & Winchester series 1200-1400

        Chote Tactical Top fold Stock    $79.99

        Chote Pistol Grip Stocks             $64.99

        Chote Pistol Grip Fore ends       $26.99                        NOTE: ALL SHOTGUN ACCESSORIES ARE CURRENTLY

        Chote Pistol Grip                         $17.99                                                                OUT OF STOCK

        Chote Fore ends                           $24.99

        Tac Star 6 shot Side Saddles       $24.99

        Tac Star 4 shot Side Saddles       $21.99

Additional shotgun accessories:

        7 shot magazine tube extensions for Remington 870            $34.99

        8 shot magazine tube extensions for Remington 870            $39.99

        Tac Star Tactical Slings                                                              $18.99

        Universal Barrel Shroud for all shotguns                               $21.99

        Universal Barrel Mount for 12g shotgun & mag light          $17.99

        Pressure Switch End Cap for Mag Light operation              $14.99

Miscellaneous accessories:                                                                NOTE: ALL ACCESSORIES ARE

        Scopes: Simmons 44mag 3-10x44                                            $109.50               CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

                       Simmons Blazer 3-9x50                                              $ 56.00

                       Weaver 22scope 2.5x28                                              $136.00

        Trigger locks for firearms with an attached trigger guard   $ 1.99

        Snap Caps .380, 9mm, .38, .40, .45 package of 5                     $11.99

        Snap Caps 12g, 16g, 20g, .410  package of 2                           $  4.99

Magazines:                                                                                            NOTE: ALL MAGAZINES ARE

          Ruger BX1 (10/22 rotary magazine)                                      $12.99             CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

          Ruger M10 (Mark II magazine)                                              $15.99

          Ruger M9 (Mark I magazine)                                                  $15.99

          Ruger AP10 (22/45 magazine)                                                $15.99

          Ruger JX1 (77/22 rotary magazine)                                       $12.99


My red hot mag connection for rare & specialty magazines, old military rifle or pistol magazines, OEM or aftermarket - contact Vicki at EdsSportShop.com

New hookup - those looking for gun sleeves, pistol cases, rifle cases, assault weapon cases, or just about any case for anything - contact Jerry or Lynn at Unique Cases.  If they don't have one to fit, they will make it for you.  All cases made with pride in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


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